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Arta Laminate Parquet is made in Iran and under the license of Belgium Unolin Company. This product has two hand-made samples and has a variety of colors of wood design, which gives extraordinary beauty to your homes. This product is suitable for low-traffic places such as residential houses and shops and high-traffic places such as office places, arcades and shopping complexes, and its clicks are made of ion, which are known for quick installation. We suggest that you read the article about click laminate to better understand the concepts of this page. Learn more about some of the benefits of this product:

1 - It has high resistance against scratches.

2 - Very low emission of formaldehyde gas and friendly to the environment.

 Arta laminate parquet

Arta laminate specifications


Closed area: 1.9711 square meters

Number of cups in the package: 8 pieces

Dimensions of each tile: length: 1292 mm and width: 190 mm

Brain: HDF

Everly: Yes

Abrasion coefficient: AC4

Note that Arta laminate parquet is sold with a 10-year written warranty from Tida Decor


      Arta laminate coloring


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Arta Click Industrial Group and Company

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