Laminate parquet brands available on Tida Decor website are:

Iranian brands, Turkish brands and German brands

By having the largest variety of products compared to other companies active in the field of interior decoration, Tida Decor has made it possible for colleagues and dear consumers to buy from Tida Decor according to their taste and budget. They can choose their product to cooperate with Tida Decor collection according to the sales conditions in their cities. After clicking on laminate parquet on the menu, you can choose the country of manufacture of your parquet and laminate, choose your brand, and see its specifications and colors. At Tida Decor, we have tried to solve all your needs in the field of buying laminate parquet. Considering that laminate gives a lot of beauty to our homes, we have tried to make it easy for you to choose with a high variety. In addition to the manufacturing countries mentioned on the Tida Decor website, other countries, such as Poland, China, Spain, Finland, etc., are active in the field of lead laminate production, but due to the import ban and the lack of sufficient inventory, or perhaps zero, of other brands. which are produced in other countries, we have not mentioned them on the Tida Decor website and we have tried to express the specifications and introduce the brands available in the market of our country, and after reading the site and viewing the Tida Decor brands, you will understand Tida Decor is the largest and most complete interior decoration store in our beloved country, Iran. To communicate with our collection, just click on the Telegram and WhatsApp icon on the Tida Decor website.


First of all, you should know that PVC flooring, as the name suggests, is made of PVC material, and this product is produced in wood designs and sometimes in fantasy designs. PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. PVC flooring is resistant to water, and they are most commonly used in environments that are in contact with water, such as: kitchens, swimming pools, etc.

PVC flooring is produced in the following thicknesses:

2 mil thickness: suitable for residential houses

Thick 2 mil high traffic: suitable for homes and shops

2.5 mil thickness: suitable for residential houses and shops, which are mostly in the form of rolls

3 mil thickness: suitable for houses, shops and arcades

And they are also available in thicknesses of 3.5 mil, 4.5 mil, 5 mil, 5.5 mil, 6 mil, 6.5 mil and 7 mil.

PVC flooring is installed with glue (paste or industrial), which usually requires 10 kilos of glue for every 30 to 40 square meters on ceramic, but the same amount of glue covers 20 to 30 square meters on tiles. And because the industrial glue is in liquid form and has an unpleasant smell, they usually use paste glue, which in addition to not having an unpleasant smell, also fills the seams and empty spaces and has better resistance to water and moisture than industrial glue. One of the most important disadvantages of PVC flooring is their lack of resistance to sunlight and heat, and for this reason, we do not recommend this product for open-air environments that are in the vicinity of sunlight.

In the old days, the most common ways to beautify houses were to paint the walls, or to make the beautification cheap, they were limited to whitewash with plaster. These methods were probably the answer for the owner's houses, but in offices and shops. And the Passats were not reasonable and logical at all, because they were short on durability and longevity. But today, with the advancement of industry and technology, all these problems have been solved with the existence of wallcoverings. First of all, it should be noted that there are two types of wallcoverings:

1- PVC wall covering

2- MDF wall covering

The benefits of this product are:

- Use in residential houses

- Use for stairs due to high impact resistance

- Use in the parking lot and roof of the parking lot

- Use in offices due to high resistance

- Use in schools

- Use in arcades and shopping centers

- and many other places

Wall coverings have a wide variety of colors and designs, which include both wood design and fantasy designs, which you can see most of these fantasy designs in hot stamp wall coverings. At Tida Decor, we have a wide variety of wall coverings and brands, and you, our dear customers, can choose your wall hanging that suits your taste and location and buy directly from our collection.

One of the questions that you dear customers always ask us is whether the wall covering can be used for the ceiling or not.

In your answer, we say yes, it can be used, although S-shaped wall coverings are mostly used for the roof of the parking lot, and 60x60 tiles are used more often for houses, shops, etc.

Construction door is one of the most essential products in residential houses. that we in the Tida Decor collection have directly produced all kinds of construction doors, these products include:

1- ABS waterproof door: which is placed in the group of internal doors of the building and is suitable for bathroom doors, bathroom doors, and room doors

2- HDF HDF door: which is included in the internal door group and is produced in both raw and PVC coated forms.

3- HPL melamine door: This type of door is used both for internal doors and for entrance doors of the building.

4- Anti-theft door: This set of doors is suitable for the entrance door and besides being among the luxury doors, they are also among the best entrance doors.

All of the above doors can be custom produced, and in the section related to each of these products, we have tried to familiarize you with the materials used and their specifications, so that you can buy your construction door according to your needs. In addition to the production of doors, Tida Decor collection has a complete collection including the transportation and installation of the door and its measurement by an experienced team, and customers who want zero percent execution of the work by our collection can ask this issue to our sales team when purchasing. inform

Attention :

Customers who provide the door dimensions to our collection by themselves, the company does not have any responsibility after production regarding the dimensions and all the responsibility lies with the customer.

tip :

All Tida Decor doors have a one-year warranty to solve your concerns about quality.

First of all, you should know that there are two types of wallpaper available in the market:

1- PVC wall paper: most of the works in the market are of this kind and they are also known as washable wall paper.

2-Nan Bowen wallpapers: you can see this type of material mostly in American and German works.

For the first time, we have categorized prominent companies in the field of wall paper sales on the Tida Decor website so that you, dear ones, can choose your favorite album more easily.

Today, with the existence of wallpapers, you can give extraordinary beauty to your homes according to any taste, just be careful because the variety of wallpaper is very high, especially on our site, so it is possible that this variety will make it difficult for you to choose. Our suggestion To solve this problem, don't consider almost similar albums to make the choice easier for you.

How to measure wallpaper

You do not need to have square meters to measure wallpaper, and if you only measure the length of each wall in meters, you can determine the number of rolls using the following formula.

Example :

You have a wall 4 meters long and 2.80 high and you want this wall to be wallpaper:

Since most of the wall papers in the market, except for Korean paper, are 53 cm wide and 10 meters long, and each of these rolls covers 1.5 meters of the wall, you only need to measure your length. Divide by 1.5 to determine the number of rolls you need. But if your design has flowers or a special design, because there is a possibility of deviation in the work, it is better to add a roll to the number obtained.

In this section, we will only introduce Tida Decor's MDF brands, and since the topic of MDF has a lot to say, and our intention is to familiarize you with this product, in the article section of the site, it is completely and separately about We will talk about this product. We only briefly and generally point out that the brands available on the Tida Decor site are all 16 mil thick and each brand has different dimensions for its sheets. And some dimensions, such as dynamic MDF dimensions, are specific to this company, and other brands do not produce in these dimensions.

Our MDF products are divided into the following categories in terms of material:

1 - ordinary embossing

2 - Super prominent

3 - Elevation of M bass

4 - Synchronization projection

5 - Shiny melamine

6 - Matte white, soapy white, shiny white, and prominent white

7 - Highglass

8- Raw in different dimensions, both Iranian and foreign

that all the above products are available in 100% Iranian brands, or brands that have imported materials, or foreign brands, including Turkish, in our collection. Just note that you should carefully read the specifications of the available brands so that you can buy according to your needs and the amount you intend to spend. All the brands available on the Tida Decor site are sold directly, and colleagues who intend to buy on pallets or trolleys must compare the price of our MDF sheets with other companies and then proceed to place an order. to our collection.

One of the most important parts in the interior decoration industry is the design and construction of kitchen cabinets, which Tida Decor company, having a fully experienced team with 15 years of experience, has made and produced this product. Examples of our products in this field are:

1 - Membrane kitchen cabinet

2 - High glass kitchen cabinet

3 - Kitchen cabinet with little space

4 - Burjsene kitchen cabinet

5 - Ready kitchen cabinet

6 - Wooden kitchen cabinet

7 - Cheap kitchen cabinets

The most important difference between the mentioned models is the difference in the type of MDF sheets, and the most important issue affecting the price of the kitchen cabinet is the type of MDF sheet used.

The steps for placing an order for a kitchen cabinet at Tida Decor are as follows:

1- Visit of our expert at the site for visit and measurement (travel cost must be paid by the customer)

2- The measurement dimensions are mastered by the software on the computer, and the number of sheets required for the work is determined (free).

3- Designing in the latest software, including 3DMAX and similar software (there is a fee)

4- The whole work is priced with the cost of installation and transportation, and after the customer's agreement, a work contract is written

5- Please note that the most important advantage of Tida Decor compared to other competitors is the good promise at the time of delivery of the work, and since we have full confidence in ourselves and our team, for every day it is late in delivery, we will incur losses with you. We write a loss.

6- After you are completely satisfied with our work and our team, you settle the installation fee on site with our installer (kitchen cabinet implementation engineer).

At the beginning and before any topic in this topic, we will discuss the importance of different types of wardrobe models in homes. Since the orderliness of the house is the first issue in making the house look beautiful, and the wall closet and its different types help us to have a house with a neater environment, then one of the most important issues in every house is the wall closet. . Now we refer to the types of wall closet models that are made and produced in Tida Decor:

1 - Membran closet

2 - Highglass closet

3 - a prominent closet

4 - Children's room closet

5 - Rail closet

6 - wooden closet

7 - Cheap wardrobe

All the above products can be made and made with your desired design, and the only difference between the above models is in the model of their MDF sheets. If you don't know what type of closet you need for your home space or if it is possible to use a wall closet in your space or not? Just call us and our experts will be there and guide you in this field based on their experience. To make the best type of wardrobe suitable for your home. The Tida Decor team has many years of experience in the field of manufacturing and installation of this product, and all our efforts in the Tida Decor collection are to achieve customer satisfaction. But in the final point, we should point out that if our price is higher compared to the price of ready-made wardrobes in the market, it is only because the ready-made wardrobes are made with letron or chipboard sheets, which due to the weak brain, this The products have a short life, but the wardrobes produced in our collection are completely produced with MDF sheets.

Furniture has a great impact on the beauty of your home, and the most important issue in designing the interior decoration of any home is choosing the right furniture for that home. Tida Decor has put the latest and most up-to-date models for you to choose, dear customers, in order to solve your concerns in choosing luxury and new sofas and bed sets.

Our products include:

1 - comfortable sofa

2 - Steel sofa

3- L sofa

4 - Classic sofa

5 - sofa bed

6 - Bed service

7 - Baby sleeping service

All the mentioned products can be seen on our site, but be sure to get enough information in the section related to the first products by reading the product specifications for the gender you intend to buy. Sofas and bed sets have a very important place in the discussion of modern decoration, so those customers who need guidance and advice about the model of their product, ask our sales experts to give them complete guidance in this field.

The first point: all the products in this section require production time, and after you choose your model and design and after settling the invoice, we will start producing your sofa or bed set, and the delivery time depends on the volume of orders. Yes, so first of all, if the delivery time is very important to you, discuss it with our experts in the sales department so that they can inform you about the delivery time.

Second point: Please note that the price difference in products is due to the materials used in their production and there is no other reason.

In this section, we intend to introduce you to the types of bedroom products available in Tida Decor collection. Please note that the bed set is one of the most important items needed in the decoration of the bedroom of the house, and since one of the most important concerns of Iranian women is the interior decoration of their home, we suggest that you view our products with a little patience and carefully. to choose the desired design and model suitable for your home decoration.

In this section, we are going to introduce you to various models of office desks, televisions, dining tables, etc. in this section. In all Iranian and foreign homes, the existence of this product is one of the necessities of a home. So, for this reason, this product has been placed in our product basket to meet the needs of our dear customers in this regard. So we suggest that you view our products in this section as well.

In this section, we have put various products of chairs, including office and Polish, etc., for your visit, dear customers. All these products are classified separately so that you, dear customers, can easily find the product you want. All the models available on Tida Decor website are among the latest Iranian models available in the market. Learn more about these products.

Cabinet plate is one of the important and practical tools in kitchens. The material of the cabinet panel is selected according to different tastes and their use. The models or types that can be seen on the Tida Decor website are:

1 - MDF cabinet board

2- PVC cabinet panel (waterproof)

3 - Corian cabinet plate

In the section related to each of the above products, full explanations have been given, so dear customers, be sure to read the section related to the above products.

MDF and PVC cabinet panels are completely produced in our country and the only difference in brands is the materials used in these products.

Some companies produce these products with Iranian core or Iranian finish, but some brands produce with imported materials, and the price difference on the cabinet page is the materials used in their production, but in The case of Corian plates, which are made of stone, and due to their high price and extraordinary beauty, they are also called as luxury cabinet plates, and PVC and MDF plates are also called Corian design. .

Korin sheets used to enter the country from China, Korea and Turkey, but after the ban on the import of domestic production factories, they were able to enter the sales market and introduce and sell their products. The most important fear and concern about Corian sheets is their color change, and we can safely say that the sheets produced in our own country are much better than similar Chinese products in this respect. Be sure to read the articles on our site about the dimensions and other specifications of the cabinet panels to fully familiarize yourself with this product.

At first, we define tools and profiles separately.

1- Tools: The tools are the same tools, middle, scooty, corner, etc., which are used during the installation of laminate parquet and wall covering.

2- Profile: Actually, they are the cornices that are also called profiles.

These products are divided into two categories: MDF and PVC. We have put the most complete collection of these products on Tida Decor website for you to choose, dear customers, so that you can choose the product you need by carefully studying. In the old days, the cornices were stone-shaped, but today, with the advancement of technology, there are MDF, PVC, and wooden cornices with CNC designs. In addition to the beauty they give to your home, cornices are a practical tool in laminate installation, because they fill the empty space that is left when installing laminate for expansion and contraction up to the edge of the wall. These products are available in different thicknesses and lengths depending on their brand, and you can buy them according to your needs. Cornices have various wooden designs and various colors, which is the most important advantage of these tools compared to old tools.

But at the end, very briefly in this section, we will discuss how to install cornices:

If your house does not have a stone baseboard, they will install the baseboard with pneumatic staplers, otherwise, they will install it with aquarium glue and 1 2 3 glue. Note that the installation in the first method is faster and cleaner than the second method.

Tida Decor company is always ready to serve you dear customers and colleagues with new products. In this regard, new products such as stretch ceiling, virtual sky, poster, inter-cabinet panels, zebra curtain, project laminate and cheap laminate, artificial grass, decorative mirror and carpet were added to our product collection. Dear colleagues, for cooperation, it is enough to communicate with us through the Telegram icon on the site and by sending cooperation information, receive the channel link from us and view the product catalog along with the price list.

All the mentioned products are sold completely without intermediaries, and we invite our dear colleagues to cooperate in order to receive the agency of selling new Tida Decor products. Artificial grass with a strong depot as well as quality posters with Turkish papers, etc. show the serious determination of Tida Decor collection to satisfy your loved ones.

Dear consumer customers, by entering the section related to each of the mentioned products, they can get acquainted with these products and their applications, and by looking at the colors and models, they can choose the design and model of their product because we have tried Without exaggeration or exaggeration, we want to state the disadvantages and advantages of all products on the Tida Decor website, and we are not limited to only stating the advantages, because in addition to selling new products, our intention is to satisfy your loved ones. So, we want you to read the contents of each of these products with a little patience, so that you can buy with full confidence.

Note: Dear colleagues, in addition to Tida Decor's Telegram channel, refer to this section to learn about our new products, because the new products section is updated every month.

The Tida Decor website has provided all the symbols of trust and safe online shopping for you, dear customers and colleagues. after you Please do not insist on buying in person. To place an order, send a message to the company's WhatsApp number and call our special line for guidance and advice.
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