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Deniz laminate parquet is made in Iran and licensed by Turkey. This product is sold directly by Tida Decor, so we suggest you get to know more about it.

After gaining enough experience in the field of production, this product has been able to offer a quality product to the market today. After the ban on laminate parquet imports in our country, many customers were worried about whether they can buy quality Iranian goods in this category or not. In response to those customers, we must say that this product is produced using the latest technologies and the best Iranian and foreign materials, and you will no longer worry about the quality of your purchased product after purchasing it. This product is suitable for high-traffic places such as: hypermarkets, etc., and has exclusive Turkish covers with various wooden colors and designs.

We suggest to better understand the technical characteristics of this product, first read the article about laminate parquet, so that you can get to know the difference between these two products.

Advantages of Deniz Laminate Parquet
1-Seams and nail clippers are not visible after installing this product.

2- The type of clicks of this product is velinge type.

3- Its HDF brain is imported and is known to be above 850.

4- It has an overlay layer and wear coefficient of AC4.

Also note that Deniz Laminate Parquet is sold with a 5-year written warranty and fire insurance from Tida Decor.


 Deniz laminate parquet

      color scheme of Deniz Laminate   


Important points about buying Deniz

1- Click on one of the pictures to see the pictures in full screen. Some of the customers insist that the pictures of this product be sent to them. We inform those customers that the pictures on the site are industrial and the natural color of the laminate, but the pictures taken with a mobile phone are from the product sample. it will be sent from different angles due to light radiation and it will have a different color and in these cases the consequences of the purchase are the responsibility of the customer and the company has no responsibility in this regard.

2- Getting to know the terms and conditions of buying and placing an order for Tida Decor products.

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