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gift card for colleagues

Dear Tida Decor colleagues, get a gift card of 500 thousand tomans from us for the monthly sale of 500 meters of laminate parquet.

This festival is only until the end of the year, so fill out our sales agency form now to be among the recipients of our gift cards.

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تخفیف 2 درصدی درب ضد آب

تخفیف ویژه 2 درصدی درب ضد آب

products categorization

New Year discount

Amazing offer

For your well-being, dear customers, and for you to have enough time to change the decoration of your homes, we have started Nowruz discounts from today. Dear customers, from now until the end of the year, you can buy our laminate parquet products with a 20% discount, so get your discount code from our sales experts before paying the invoice. To see products and brands, refer to the rest of this article.

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تخفیف 2 درصدی درب ضد آب

تخفیف ویژه 2 درصدی درب ملامینه

Buy a subscription

Buy a subscription

Tida Decor's sales team offers you the opportunity to use our various discount percentages by launching subscription purchases.

Note that if you do not make a purchase during the subscription period, your payment cannot be returned. So pay attention, if you intend to buy or cooperate with us, get a subscription.

The received samples cannot be returned after the end of the subscription.

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تخفیف ویژه 2 درصدی درب پی وی سی

Product training video

video of Tida Decor store

According to your frequent requests, dear customers, regarding training related to the site, this section was launched by Tida Decor online store to save your time. Because our most important concern is the well-being of your loved ones.

We have included educational videos in the section related to the materials you requested, such as: the method of purchasing goods, purchasing subscriptions, and checking trust symbols. This part of the site will be updated according to the needs of your loved ones regarding login and registration, user panel, etc. So be sure to follow our educational videos.

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تخفیف 2 درصدی درب ضد آب

تخفیف ویژه 2 درصدی درب اچ دی اف

خرید با وام آنلاین

You no longer need cash to buy interior decoration. Tida Decor online store has facilitated the purchase of interior decoration accessories for you dear ones by providing facilities. To read the conditions of Tida Decor's instant loan, refer to the following article. All the steps of getting a loan are offline and

پشتیلنی فروشگاه

You, dear customers, can contact us from the ticket sending section to follow up on the steps of receiving a loan as well as managing invoices and deposits. Our colleagues in the ticketing department are ready to answer your problems. You just need to become a member of the site to use this section.

تخفیف 2 درصدی درب ضد آب

تخفیف ویژه 2 درصدی درب چوبی

Why should we buy of Tida Decor store?

Safe shipping is another one of our services. The Tida Decor online store has provided the possibility of sending goods all over Iran and in Tehran to your door, as well as in the cities with tipax to your door by contracting with different carriers.

Product authenticity and warranty is another concern of all of us before buying. Therefore, all our products include product warranty. At Tida Decor store, we have put the original focus on selling high-quality and authentic Iranian products.

Safe payment and shopping is one of the concerns of all of us. Tida Decor online store is completely authentic and operates with legal symbols of virtual business so that you don't have to worry about this anymore. Take care of security in your transaction.

Our biggest and only goal is your satisfaction

Online wallets provide you with an opportunity to shop cheaply. And you can buy cheaper from us by charging your wallet. To learn more about this service, refer to the user account section.

All the products that you buy, except for products such as doors and cabinets, etc., which are announced in the product description and require production time, will be sent 24 hours after your payment.

The support and sales team of Tida Decor store is responding to you dear ones 24 hours a day in the site's online chat program as well as the programs of Iranian social networks Ita and Rubika. Our goal is your satisfaction.

The Tida Decor website has provided all the symbols of trust and safe online shopping for you, dear customers and colleagues. after you Please do not insist on buying in person. To place an order, send a message to the company's WhatsApp number and call our special line for guidance and advice.
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All material and intellectual rights of this site belong to Behsazan Tida Decor Company. Any copying and publication of information from this site without official permission will be prosecuted. To use our content with legal conditions, contact us from the contact section.

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