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Tida Decor's advice to you dear ones is that you must use Tida Decor's integrated payment system to pay for products and services, because the payment invoice will be issued instantly and online, and you can view all your invoices from your user panel and take action. Download and print them.

About Tida Decor

With several years of experience in the field of distribution of interior decoration products, Tida Decor has started direct sales of its products. Learn more about our products.

Parquet laminate: Our products include various Iranian brands and well-known Turkish and German brands

Wallcoverings: It includes various brands of wallcoverings and Iranian PVC and MDF wallcoverings

PVC flooring: It has a wide variety of different Iranian brands, such as Tiley, Roli, and even Clicky

Wallpaper: includes the most complete collection of wallpaper companies with various luxury designs

MDF: Our products include a complete set of Iranian and foreign high-gloss and MDF products

Kitchen cabinets: implementation of zero to one hundred kitchen cabinets, including its design and manufacturing without intermediaries

Wall-mounted wardrobes: including the most complete set of wall-mounted wardrobes, including wardrobes, rail wardrobes, membrane wardrobes, etc.

Furniture: The most complete collection of furniture, including office, royal, Chester, classic, etc., with a variety of models

Tables and chairs: including various models of tables and chairs, for example: TV table and dining table

Cabinet plate: This widely used product in kitchens is offered in a variety of designs and colors

Construction door: one of the most used products in homes, which has a high variety in our collection

Other diverse products in Tida Decor's large collection include bed sets, tools, cornices, posters, stretch ceilings, artificial grass, decorative mirrors, virtual sky, as well as carpets, etc. We have tried to solve all your needs in the field of interior decoration of your homes and business environment in this collection.

The Tida Decor website has provided all the symbols of trust and safe online shopping for you, dear customers and colleagues. after you Please do not insist on buying in person. To place an order, send a message to the company's WhatsApp number and call our special line for guidance and advice.
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