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MDF (MDF) is Arta made by Iran. This product is produced with melamine coatings and in Ardebil in the Arta Industrial Complex. This product has two colored and white products and its coatings are Russian Cronuspine. That we suggest you read the MDF MDF articles to better understand the concepts of this page. It is worth noting that this product is sold in the Tida Decor Collection both in palette and sheet. Learn more about the benefits of this product.

1 - High resistance to impact and can be used in places such as: sports clubs and ...

2 - is completely antibacterial

3 - Instead of sunlight and UV rays of high resistance

 MDF arta


MDF Arta Specifications

Made in Iran

Dimensions: 1.83 by 3.66 m

Color: Different Wood Design Color

Number of sheets per palette: 32 pcs

Thickness: 8 and 16 Mill

Now, after getting acquainted with the MDF (MDF) specifications, we recommend that you see the color scheme and choose your favorite design and color.

    MDF Arta Color

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